Non-profit “Catcade” Leaps into Lakeview

Fulton Grace Realty “It’s dangerous to go alone!” You may have been offered this counsel by an elderly cave dweller in Nintendo’s ’86 classic The Legend of Zelda. Or maybe you’ve recently stepped into Lakeview’s newest attraction, The Catcade. View original post 475 more words

“Still Summer” Bucket List

Yes, the 4th is over. That doesn’t mean you need to catapult into retiring your warm weather wardrobe. Don’t close the books on Chicago’s buzziest season just yet. There are still… Source: “Still Summer” Bucket List

Real Estate Lessons from Indiana Jones

By CK Cole of The Lighthouse Team of Fulton Grace Realty   Many who managed to sell their homes for top dollar just before the crash, have serious flashbacks when they watch the rolling boulder scene in “Raiders of the Lost Ark”.  This iconic movie has a couple of scenes that work well to symbolize…