My Favorite Types of Places #Placemaking

Placemaking means different things to different people and organizations. There really doesn’t seem to be a consensus or a common definition of it.  As for me, Placemaking is one of those things where when I see it, I know it’s placemaking as it represents a great place for the whole community to gather and enjoy. Continue reading “My Favorite Types of Places #Placemaking”

Building Your #FamilyWealth

As the economy continues to improve, more and more Americans are seeing their personal financial situations also improving. Instead of just getting by, many are now beginning to save and find other ways to build their net worth. One way to dramatically increase their family wealth is through the acquisition of real estate. For example,Continue reading “Building Your #FamilyWealth”

#HomeEquity Increasing As Home Prices Rise

Some Highlights: 91.9% of homes in the US have positive equity 256,000 homes regained equity in the third quarter of 2015 37.5 million homes have significant equity (defined as more than 20%)  

How Long Does It Take To Save For A Down Payment

In a recent study conducted by, researchers determined that nationwide it would take“nearly eight years” for a first-time buyer to save enough for a down payment on their dream home. Depending on where you live, median rents, incomes and home prices all vary. By determining the percentage a renter spends on housing in eachContinue reading “How Long Does It Take To Save For A Down Payment”

Make Anything A #KitchenBacksplash

From traditional tile to trendy glass — and shiny metal to rustic wood — there is seemingly no end of choices for kitchen backsplashes today. “Tile is still the most popular backsplash material, with natural stone a fast-growing second,” says John Morgan, 2013 National President of the National Kitchen and Bath Association. “But with theContinue reading “Make Anything A #KitchenBacksplash”