Money Pit or Money Maker?

Money Pit



By CK Cole of Lighthouse Realty Group


In 1986 Steven Spielberg released the cautionary tale, The Money Pit, starring Tom Hanks and Shelley Long. The lessons of this film, where the heroes are led by their hearts and not their heads in making decisions about their dream home, are just as valuable today as in 1986. Maybe even more so with HGTV and the myriad of programs available to teach folks  special strategies to get rich flipping homes.

Is Real Estate a good place to invest money and see solid growth? Absolutely! Is that guaranteed? Absolutely NOT!  In fact, without the right team, it’s just money in the wind.

Back around 1986, there was a character who would appear on your TV about 2 AM and for about $200 plus he’d share with you the simple secrets of investing in Real Estate and quickly getting rich, without spending any of your own money except for what you paid him, of course. Many versions of this business have emerged over the last 30 years.

Here’s the dilemma – so many options! How do you participate in today’s Real Estate market and win?

Besides all of the “Experts” running around trying to seduce you with their magical Real Estate investment secrets, there’s the very real challenges of the market itself.  Currently, a major market challenge is the lack of inventory, not many homes available and too many competing to buy them.  How do you think outside of the box to make this work for you? Our team has an option.

We think you’re the key! Not some formula or set of directions you pay good money for that may fit your situation or not, and the way you find out is if you go broke or not. What you need is the right group of experts – TEAM –  to advise and facilitate your plan to meet your goals.

Whether you’re trying to provide a beautiful home for your family to thrive in or you’re caught by the bug to take tired, dated homes and turn them into beauties. It’s all about the team.

What’s that team going to look like? You need market specialists, money people and a general contractor.  

Whether this is your future family home or your latest flip, your market specialist is there to help you find and win the negotiations for the home. The market specialist will also listen to your heart’s desire and provide advice on the home’s must-haves and maybe-nots, so regardless of when it goes on the market, it’s competitive.  

Your money people will offer options for you to consider that make sense and are practical for your situation.  Your general contractor is key to it all having a happy ending – finish on time and on budget.

Come to the Fix or Flee MeetUp!  Meet our Team –

          Market Specialists – Lighthouse Realty Group of Fulton Grace Realty

                               Money People – The Bukowski Team of Fairplay Mortgage

                               General Contractors – Walton Contractors


Saturday, November 11th, 10:30 AM – 1 PM

           5144 N. Tripp, Chicago, IL 60630

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Let our team help you avoid The Money Pit!