Know The Difference Your #InterestRate Makes

Some Highlights: Interest rates have come a long way in the last 30 years. The interest rate you secure directly impacts your monthly payment and the amount of house that you can afford. Experts predict that rates will increase by 3/4 a percent over the next 12 months. Secure a low rate now to getContinue reading “Know The Difference Your #InterestRate Makes”

#HomePrices #MortgageRates Update

The monthly mortgage payment on a home is determined by two elements: the price of the house and the interest rate you pay on your mortgage. Recently released reports are revealing that the experts expect both elements to increase in 2016. HOME PRICES CoreLogic has projected a nationwide 5.2% home value appreciation for the nextContinue reading “#HomePrices #MortgageRates Update”

Unique #HomeBuyingTrends

Active military and veterans comprised 21 percent of all home buyers in 2015 ̶ a sizable subset worth exploring their purchasing preferences, according to NAR’s 2015 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers report released in November 2015. Let’s take a quick look at the demographics for these two groups combined. The median age for thisContinue reading “Unique #HomeBuyingTrends”